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Sadr Stone Building Stone

Old Brick & Rock Stone Retain Exposed Concrete

درباره صدراستون 1 درباره صدراستون 2 درباره صدراستون 3 درباره ما بتن اکسپوز ایران مال

About SadrStone

SadrStone Company was established in 2004 in Tehran to manufacture antique stone and artificial stone compatible with nature. Sadr Stone products, which for the first time were shown to the public in Furniture and Interior Design Exhibition in Tehran Permanent Fairground in 2007, were incredibly welcomed by professors, engineers, architects and public visitors. Successful participation in several international exhibitions expanded Sadr Stone company arenas of activity to beyond the borders of our homeland Iran. The modern architecture approach has never been neglected by the company's executives. Exposed Concrete tiles in various shapes were our target elements and due to the high costs of finishing and finalizing the construction of concrete walls and also the high accuracy required for that, this production line turned into a strategic product for us. Quick installation, the beauty and the evenness of installation and, of course, the proper cost of this product are all special characteristics and features of Sadr Stone Exposed Concrete Tiles. Through Establishing Sadr Stone plant in Canada, we have been honor to universalize Iranian Production companies’ reputation all over the world. This is not the end of our journey, and through creativity and innovation in this area we are always trying to be a capable influential pioneer in the field of architecture for our valuable beloved country, Iran. "The future is ours"

Mr Omid Sadri Mr Arash Sadri


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